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With this Svengali Deck you can perform miracles!


Imagine showing a deck to be all different and well mixed and then instantly changing the entire deck into the selected card! Or display your magical powers by cutting right to the chosen card every single time!

With this Svengali deck you will know which card your spectator will choose, even before it is selected. Your audience will be amazed.

This is the only Svengali Deck on the market to include Daryl's astonishing finale that allows the whole deck to be examined.

There are literally hundreds of amazing tricks you can perform using this one deck.

We are proud to bring you the very best quality Svengali deck available. It is manufactured in genuine Bicycle Rider backed cards from the US Playing Card Company and comes complete with crystal clear instructions written by World Champion Magician -- Daryl.



*Paper instructions no longer included

Svengali Deck

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