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This amazing trick deck of Bicycle cards allows you to do miracles!


Imagine being able to magically produce the four aces, even after the deck has been examined! Or have your friends select cards, which you then place back into the deck before shuffling thoroughly. Then you display your miraculous skills by making each of the cards appear on top of the deck -- like true magic!

There are literally hundreds of amazing tricks you can perform using this one deck.

We are proud to bring you the very best quality Stripper deck available. It is manufactured in genuine Bicycle Rider backed cards from the US Playing Card Company and comes complete with crystal clear instructions written by World Champion Magician -- Daryl. Daryl is world renowned for his easy to understand instructions and innovative teaching methods. He is known as the Magician's Magician because he represents the very best of the best in the world of magic and you will be delighted with the entertaining routines included with your Stripper Deck.



*Paper instructions no longer included

Stripper Deck

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