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Magician Fooler - Miracle Card locator - with 3 variations!

Triple Change Coin Flight - a very visual coins across routine where the coins change from half dollars, to English pennies and finally to examinable Chinese coins.

Half and Half - a bizarre and visual business card transposition used by Daryl in many of his own shows.

Lots-o-Fun Rope Cut - A cut and restored routine with a novel and cheeky convincer.

Paddle Routine - Mystifying, clean and easy to do. Perfect for "table hopping".

Fish Schtich - A visual blending of two picture business cards. An optical illusion turned into reality!

Just an Old Premonition (by Michael Weber)- Any card is thought of and then shown to be the only card face down on a printed picture of fifty-one face up cards. Practical and very sneaky!

Audio Transposition - Daryl's acclaimed and unique idea to create a transposition of sound! Two baby toys exchange their sounds. The rattle now squeaks and the squeeze toy rattles. Everything can be examined.

Something For Everyone

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