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Daryl LIVE (Penguin LIVE) One of the world's best close-up performers came to Penguin for an incredible 3 hour live event.

"Daryl is truly entertaining, highly skilled, and too smart for his own damn good." — Phil Goldstein

"One of the most inimitable, charismatic performers of our time. Such enthusiasm, combined with carefully selected, powerful effects, provides knowledgeable magicians as well as laymen a rare glimpse at a deceptive, delightful, portable Disneyland." — Michael Ammar

"Daryl has managed to avoid the holier than thou attitude that seems so prevalent among the "stars" of magic." — Paul Harris

"Truly beautiful magic." — John Cornelius

"Daryl was funny, Daryl was serious, Daryl was one of the nicest, most polite and professional lecturers that we have ever had the pleasure of hosting. I highly recommend that anyone who can see Daryl's lecture, do so." — The Linking Ring

What will he teach?


Ambitious Card Routine

Daryl's very own FISM Gold medal award-winning ambitious card routine including the Ultimate Ambition IMPROVED!

Fiedler's Flier

A NO PALM card to sealed envelope effect.

Jumping Jacks

Daryl's version of McDonald's 0 Routine where the SPECTATOR performs the magic!

Rising Card in Envelope

Everyone loves this one!


Daryl's Rope Routine

An angel-proof 10 minute ACT with three ordinary pieces of rope!

Puzzling Bill Vanish REPEAT

Money vanishes in the audience's minds, before their eyes, then from a SPECTATOR'S HANDS!

Many and as Much as You

A mind-boggling two phase mental mystery.

Bounce Across

The "BOUNCE" travels from one rubber ball to another!

Milliken's Transposition

This is a GREAT transposition routine with some special "Daryl" surprises!

Daryl's Sponge Ball Routine

Probably the simplest, most entertaining and commercial Sponge Ball routine EVER!

Penguin Live magic Lecture DVD

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