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These notes have full color front and back covers with beautiful artwork and photographs. Inside there are twenty-four 8 ? " X 11" pages, including 51 clear and precise illustrations. This lecture aimed to provide "something for everyone".


  • The Enchanted Cube - A mixed cube puzzle solves itself in mid-air!
  • Fusion Illusion - A flash of fire and several rings link together (with 21 ideas!)
  • Eight Card Brainwave 2000 - The selected card is always the one with the odd colored back - finish clean, lots of surprises.
  • Dicey Dots - Dots vanish from the die in the spectator's hand and magically appear on the spot sucker!
  • Daryl's Complete Gold Medal F.I.S.M. winning routine for The Ambitious Card (including Daryl's latest handling for his Ultimate Ambition Improved)
  • Dish-A-Licious - A piece is bitten from a plate, which is then magically restored.
  • Bounce Across - Hilarious routine where the "bounce" vanishes from a rubber ball and reappears in a piece of modeling clay!
  • Presto-Attracto Card - This normal looking card "attracts" the two selections to either side of itself in the deck. This is one for the more technically advanced card workers.

*Hot tip! When ordering these lecture notes, why not ask Daryl to sign them?!

New Millennium World Tour Lecture Notes

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