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  • An easy to perform classic of card magic
  • Performed by such greats as Don Alan, Albert Goshman, and Michael Skinner!
  • The effect is clean, direct and visually STUNNING!

A deck of blank playing card stock is shown - every card is clearly seen to be blank on both sides, but when the magician thinks of the face of a card one of the blank cards mysteriously becomes printed with that face. The back of the card remains blank, but the face is perfectly printed!

When the magician thinks of a back design, one of the blank cards becomes printed with a back. Next, the magician thinks of several faces and backs and the cards are now printed with those faces and backs!

Finally, the magician thinks of an entire deck of faces and backs and, sure enough, the entire deck is now printed with faces and backs!

Instantly, the magician's mind goes blank and the ENTIRE deck returns to its blank-on-both-sides condition!


  • The whole routine is instantly reset and you are automatically ready for your next performance.
  • Easy to understand instructions and complete, detailed routine written by World Champion Magician - Daryl - The Magician's Magician.

We are proud to bring you the very best quality Mental Photography deck available. It is manufactured in genuine Bicycle Rider backed cards from the US Playing Card Company and comes complete with crystal clear instructions written by World Champion Magician -- Daryl."



*Paper instructions no longer included

Mental Photography

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