A jumbo card is placed face down on the table as a prediction. A playing card is chosen (forced) from an ordinary deck and the magician claims that the prediction will be the same suit but exactly TWICE the value of the selection. In other words, if the selection was the 2 of Diamonds, the prediction will be the 4 of Diamonds or if the selection was the 5 of Clubs, the prediction would be the 10 of Clubs, etc. The chosen card is shown to be the 7 of Hearts. The audience thinks this is hilarious -- because there is no way your prediction can be twice the value of a 7!!! What a great surprise when the prediction is turned face up to reveal the 14 of Hearts!

Fooler Doolers presents the BEST jumbo 14 of Hearts in the world of magic!

Each card is the standard BIG BICYCLE size (4½" x 6 7/8") and each is printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company with a genuine Bicycle Rider back design, on genuine Bicycle card stock with the perfect U.S. Playing Card Company finish. The graphic has been artistically designed and laid out by a professional artist and we believe the final product is far superior to any other version of this effect that we have seen.

These are NOT faint, "muddy" or "coarse" images that have been poorly silk screened onto the front of blank faced cards. These are NOT badly designed and cheaply printed cards with unauthorized imitations of the genuine "Bicycle Rider" back design.

Once again, these are 100% genuine and official U.S. Playing Card Company printed, artistically designed, jumbo Bicycle Rider backed cards.

These are, without question, the very BEST jumbo 14 of Hearts cards that money can buy.

You owe it to your audience and to your self to buy the best!

Jumbo 14 of Hearts