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It's been said that if you know a number of ways to control a selected card but only one way to reveal it, you really only know one trick. Conversely, if you only know one control but have many ways to reveal the selected card at your disposal, you'd know a lot of different tricks.

And, on this DVD, Daryl, the Magician's Magician, explains 18 different ways to do just that as he delivers scores of strategies that will bring your card routines to stunning conclusions, much to the delight and bewilderment of your spectators.

Daryl, the man behind the hugely successful video Encyclopedia of Card Sleights has turned his attention toward ways to give your card magic maximum impact... and your audiences will be the better for it!

This final volume brings you 18 fun ways to reveal a card.

Full Contents:

  • Burnt Card (Daryl)
  • Card Under the Tablecloth (Daryl's handling for Matt Schulien effect)
  • Cross Cut Force
  • Cut Deeper Force (Ed Balducci)
  • Hindu Shuffle Force
  • U Find Your Card (Lu Brent)
  • Card Finds Card
  • Throw Through Change (Daryl)
  • Slop Shuffle
  • Riding the Aces
  • Bewilderment (Johnny Benzais)
  • Double Discovery
  • A New Top Card Production (M. Jules Dhotel)
  • One Hand Discovery (Matt Schulien)
  • Find Five Cards
  • Coin Cut (Larry Jennings)
  • Almost a Transposition (Daryl)
  • Card in the Envelope (Reneaux)

Daryl's Card Revelations Volume 5

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