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To convey the value of the information you are about to learn, I believe that we can do no better than to quote the infamous S.W. Erdnase from his classic book, The Expert at the Card Table - "But there is not a single card feat in the whole calendar that will give as good returns for the amount of practice required, or that will mystify as greatly, or cause as much amusement, or bear so much repetition, as this little game; and for these reasons we believe it worth of unstinted effort to master it thoroughly."

You will be expertly taught this amazing effect by none other than Daryl - the World Champion Magician's Magician. Daryl is one of the finest teachers of magic in the world today. He takes you through step-by-step instructions for many different 3-Card Monte sequences and, if you need any further convincing of the astonishing reaction this effect gets, you are also treated to Daryl's live performances of two of the more famous routines. This video is both entertaining and invaluable to anyone interested in magic.

Topics include: Dai Vernon Routine

Working Surfaces: On the Ground; Tray Suspended from a Leather Belt Around Neck; A Newspaper, Blanket or Coat Spread Across the Lap; A Tray on a Stand; A Man's Umbrella; Cardboard Boxes

Cards To Use: Best Set; Impromptu Work; Tip

Preparing The Cards: Bridging the Cards; The Crease; The "S" Bend; The Simple Bend; Softening the Corners

The Mix: The Standard Mix; The Slide; The Cascade

The Throw: The Toss; The Hype; Calling the Card Face Down; The Double Flash; Fake Hype and Double Flash; The Double Double Flash; Three in the Hand Toss

Turnover Moves: The Mexican Turnover; Mexican Turnover as a Test; The Mexican Turnover Top-Change Second Deal; The Flip / Flip Switch

Miscellaneous Moves: Flushtration Count; The Rumba Count; The Chameleon Show; Double Lift/Double Lift Off the Face; The Glide; Variation #1; Variation #2; Variation #3; Vernon's Optical Move; Variation #1; Scarne's Monte Slide

Hooks And Come-Ons: One-Way Backs; Stewart Judah's Routine; Bent Corner; Scarne's Crimped Corner; The Paperclip Routine; Variation #1 (Glide); Variation #2 (Down's Change); Variation #3 (Double Lift); Variation #4 (Flushtration Count); Variation #5 (Scarne/Monte Glide); Matchbook Variation; Stamp; Torn Card; Torn Corner Version #1; Torn Corner Version #2

Special Sets: Seven Card Monte (Vernon); The Sucker Card Trick; The Lady Vanishes; A Detachable Corner; The Dutch Looper; Amaso; Jumping Jack (Bob Haskell); Find the Ace (Eddie Taytelbaum); Three Card Monkey Business (Bill Elliott)

Daryl Does the Full Monte

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