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These are detailed notes for the lecture that Daryl presented at the World Congress of Magic (F.I.S.M.) in Den Haag, Holland. There is some very strange and unusual magic here.


  • The Bell of the Ball: A very strange "melding" of a steel ball and a bell.
  • Twice Torn Bill: A great impromptu Torn & Restored borrowed bill routine.
  • Camera Cards: Take a "magic picture" of a spectator's thought!
  • Borrowed Bill Book Test: Impromptu mind reading at its finest.
  • Break Through: A surprising and visual knife through glass effect.
  • Untouched: The spectator does EVERYTHING. Excellent!
  • The Effect-Less Method: A unique effect with a super subtle method. Ingenious!

Daryl Does Den Haag Lecture Notes

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