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These are the notes from Daryl's first stage lecture. They contain both great magic and some fascinating insight into Daryl's own methodology. He talks about the psychology of performance along with ideas on routine construction and some thought on magic in general. Interesting and useful - a winning combination!


  • The "Triple Color Changing Thimble" - A thimble on your first finger visibly changes color three times!
  • Flexible Blue/Red Cards Across - An excellent "Cards Across" routine using two different colored decks. Performed by Blackstone, Jr.
  • Impromptu Signed Card Across - A great method for an impromptu version of a signed card across effect.
  • Multiplying Billiard Balls - No body gaffs or secret steals - this routine includes a great surprise finish.
  • The Ink Was Left Behind - 3 cleanly produced, blank faced cards magically change into three previously selected cards.
  • Three Times Through - A triple coin through glass routine with a very clever audible subtlety.

Convention Session Lecture #1

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