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This is a Dai Vernon creation that fooled 'em all!

A deck in its box is placed in full view. ANY one of the fifty-two cards is freely named out loud by anyone. The deck is removed from the box and the named card proves to be the ONLY card face up in the face down pack.

For a super-socko finish, this freely named card is shown to be the ONLY card in the deck with a different colored back! The deck is replaced into the box and the trick is instantly reset.


  • Easy to understand instructions, complete with THREE different presentations written by World Champion Magician - Daryl - The Magician's Magician.

We are proud to bring you the very best quality Brainwave deck available. It is manufactured in genuine Bicycle Rider backed cards from the US Playing Card Company and comes complete with crystal clear instructions written by World Champion Magician -- Daryl.



*Paper instructions no longer included

Brainwave Deck

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