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Bizarre Assembly Refills

Because we know how amazingly effective it is when you hand out these special cards after your performance, with your contact information or business card on the back, we are offering you this refill pack at an affordable price. Once you have mastered this great routine you will be able to leave your 'business card' with your stunned audience, over and over again, and turn a few cents into your next booking!


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Papa Rabbit Hits the Big Time (PROP ONLY)
Now, due to popular demand, you can finally get extra Bunnies!!! Hurray!

Our Bunnies have been doing what Bunnies do and we can now offer you spare sets for this hilarious routine. If your bunnies have hopped off the table in a restaurant or you find yourself wanting to leave the occasional baby bunny with a favorite client's kids as a memory of your show, you can now easily obtain these replacements.

* Please note - you are purchasing the props only. If you would like Daryl's hilarious routine and word for word patter with the instructional DVD - featuring a live performance by Daryl - The Magician's Magician -please go to our General Magic section.


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The (W)hole Thing (CARDS ONLY)
This is the four card, 4½" x 7" set of CARDS ONLY (no instructions or DVD) for The (W)hole Thing. Use these as a replacement set of cards or some performers prefer to glue TWO original sets together for added thickness and durability.  

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